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"Saponificio Varesino"

The trademark "Saponificio Varesino" was already in 1945. Founded by Dante Bardelli, a soldier returning from the war, in Brebia, Italy, near the shores of Lake Maggiore. In order to support his family, he made handmade soap, which he sold in the nearby area, and later his sales expanded to the territory of the country.

By improving the artisan method and new processing methods, Saponificio Varesino still produces excellent soaps, body washes, perfumes and other body care products, still preserving the ancient, traditional method of Marseille soap making, which is now becoming an increasingly rare heritage of soap factories.

Today, this brand stands out for its ability to meet any need with excellent quality base soaps. "Saponificio Varesino" means experience, patience and attention to detail. And here are just some of the requirements that this soap manufacturer has.

This brand constantly offers new products that are of the highest quality and have worldwide recognition.

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