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"Saponoficio Bignoli“

The Italian brand "Saponoficio Bignoli" offers authentic shaving products for men who love traditional shaving. The Italian brand has a line of shaving products that are traditional, handcrafted and made with the utmost passion. This company has vast experience in producing high quality soaps in the traditional shaving sector.

Preserving the character of the craft and the family remains the same as when Saponificio Bignoli was created. And its story began in 1945, when one Italian, Carlo Bignoli, after years of experience making soap in a soap factory in Milan, decided to embark on his own adventure - he made the first "batches" of soap in a large copper pot and dried them on the ground for several days.

After that, he got on his bicycle and went to sell the soaps he made in various local markets. He was very successful in production and sales, making Saponificio Bignoli a popular soap company. Since then, the business has evolved over the years from father to son through three generations.

"Saponificio Bignoli" has accumulated decades of experience in the production of high-class soaps in the perfumery and traditional shaving sectors and has maintained the craftsmanship and family spirit of the time, the value of tradition and the love of well-made things.

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