Extro Cosmesi Tabacco woda toaletowa po goleniu 125ml

Extro Cosmesi Tabacco Eau de Toilette Aftershave 125ml

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Forget all preconceived ideas you may have about the scent of tobacco/tabacco (as Extro call it).

This aftershave benefits from a fabulous, light yet mildly musky scent with hints of leather, amber, whisky, wood and bergamot. It's made by one of the premier shaving supply companies in Europe Extro Cosmesi of Settimo, Italy. 

Due to the natural ingredients used in this aftershave, it is a cloudy brown colour, you will need to shake the bottle before use.

You can use this as an aftershave and as a men's fragrance, it is suitable for daytime and evening. The aftershave will tone your skin leaving it refreshed and lightly scented.

Combine with the Extro Cosmesi Tabacco Shaving Cream for the ultimate shaving experience here.


Eau de toilette Aftershave Tobacco 125ml Extrò Cosmetics

In glass bottle - handmade

The predominant notes of tobacco and leather are mixed with the sweet notes of amber, vanilla, and powdered sugar, and the herbaceous and slightly floral ones. As in the shaving soap Tabacco, the notes are developed with a quick prelude of bergamot that opens the curtain to a timid floral choreography, waiting for the exhibition of tobacco and leather, supported by a musky chorus, herbaceous and sweetish.

warm and masculine scent of tobacco and leather. the product is turbid because it has not been filtered to keep its characteristics intact.

olfactory pyramid

Head: bergamot

Heart: jasmine, leather, tobacco, cyclamen, ylang ylan

Base: musk, sandalwood, leather, tobacco, amber, icing sugar, incense, mossy, clary sage, vanilla

Donato Ciniello - Extrò Cosmetics

Donato Ciniello has worked in the world of cosmetics for more than thirty years. But for less than a decade he has discovered the passion of traditional shaving. Passion that soon became an important commercial activity (EXTRO COSMESI), with customers coming from all over the world.

His center of gravity is Settimo Torinese, where he produces and sells products such as razors, creams, soaps and shaving brushes, and where he even created the so-called "free hand wall", dedicated to those who use traditional razors.

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