Fine Accoutrements Classic Aftershave L‘Orange Noir 100ml

Fine Accoutrements Classic Aftershave L‘Orange Noir 100ml

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Fine Accoutrements L'Orange Noir Aftershave 100 ml

Classic orange scented after shave. Fine Accoutrements after shave are made with just 4 ingredients; alcohol, water, fragrance and menthol. This ensures an ultra-light face feel and a refreshingly cool and skin toning dry-down. Invigorating and cooling. Astringent and antiseptic.

  • Contains no artificial colors, preservatives, emulsifiers, petroleum, or silicones;
  • Format – glass bottle 100 ml.


Fine Accoutrements L'Orange Noir Aftershave 100 ml

It is a scent that defies categorization. Inspired by Terre d´Hermès (2006) is a unique and sublime blend pairing fresh orange rind with rich, earthy minerals. A unique blend!

Combine with L’Fine L’Orange shaving to get the Orange shaving max with great.


It is a well-known and popular American brand. Its founder is Todd Keraham, an American financier (according to some sources of Dutch origin), who created exclusively natural products that simplify and facilitate the shaving process. The products quickly became popular all over the world.

Today, the company specializes in the development of natural soaps and aftershave products, and not so long ago the line was supplemented with the current modern eau de toilette.

The colors and description of the product in the photo may differ slightly, and the information provided in the description is of a general nature, so not all features of the product may be mentioned.

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